After weight loss, men and women can get floppy and wave of their thighs that can increase from the upper thighs to the knees. Often, women quetch that they are unable to wear swimsuits and that the free leather rubs unneurotic concerning their thighs. Also the aged shapeless facial appearance in the region of the knees keeps many a women from self able to wear skirts.

While the floppy of the out thighs and the stern can normally be addressed with a Body Lift manner that of the interior thighs cannot. A Thigh Lift is a means which lifts and tightens the loose-fitting peelings of thighs - chiefly that of the interior thighs.

What is a Traditional Thigh Lift?

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Two diverse types of thigh lifts can be performed depending on the size of features negligence. If the connective tissue laxness and rippling is for the most part minor to the upper internal thighs, and body covering superfluity does not broaden to the whole size of the thigh, a Traditional Thigh Lift can be performed. In this set of rules the medical procedure blotch is to be found in the groin plication extending to the body part fold. This cicatrice is drastically very well concealed.

What is an Extended Thigh Lift?

Often, relatives who were onetime surprisingly fat are now leftmost beside well-known laxity of the full thigh all the way to the knees. In these cases, an Extended Thigh Lift is performed. In appendix to the defacement of the groin crease, in that is also a endless vertical deformity that extends along the central limb stage. This perpendicular symptom enables the sawbones to fish out the lax immoderate peelings of the entire thigh.

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Can Thigh Lifts be Combined next to Liposuction?

Yes. Both Traditional Thigh Lift and Extended Thigh Lift can recurrently be combined near modest Liposuction in dictation to superior contour line the toughness and to weaken the volume of the "saddle bags".


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