The larboard of Athens, Piraeus was the top dock of the ancient global and remains one of the busiest in the Mediterranean. In a rural area that derives furthermost of its keep from the sea, Piraeus is the honorable capital, piece Athens is a irregular community chockablock of bureaucrats. Still, it's vexed to brainstorm a great deal appeal in the lanky buildings and dusty streets, though Zea Marina and Mikrolimano beside their yachts, brightly-lit tavernas and bars are a well-favored demonstration.

Themistocles supported the haven of Piraeus in the 5th century BC when Phaliron, Athens' past port, could no long assemble the growing wishes of the metropolis. The Miletian geometer Hippodamos ordered it out in a unsmiling power system of streets that have hardly transformed. The central point of action was e'er the vast crucial agora, where the world's most primitive commercialised fairs and import expositions were held. All religions were tolerated, and women were allowed, for the premier time, to sweat outdoor the married.

As Piraeus was life-or-death to Athens' power, the conquering Spartans extinguished the Long Walls linking municipality and marina in 404, at the end of the Peloponnesian War. After the 100-year Macedonian line of work and a time of year of peace, Sulla decimated the urban to rule out any anti-Roman resistance, and for 1,900 eld Piraeus dwindled distant into an slight community next to a people as low as 20, even losing its name to go Porto Leone. Since the inspection of Athens as the superior of self-directed Greece, Piraeus has regained its former glorification as the ruling port of a seafaring nation, but untold of it dates from after 1941, when German bombers blew the port enthusiastically.

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