Just below the Sahara Desert, in a beyond measure scope of African Savannah land, sits the Nasia Village. Outside of the pouring season, this is one of the utmost unforgiving, dry, unclean places on terrestrial planet. Brutal sun, wind, and Hamatan particulate manufacture critical consequences for open features. For centuries, women of Nasia have in use oil from the nut of the native Shea tree to fight these undue conditions, turn the oil into raw shea butter for their peelings.

Raw shea butter, a thick oil extracted from the nut of the Shea tree, is an extremely multi-use product, containing some carotin and alantoin for wonderful moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging, and curative nurture. Women and men all concluded the world have caught on to this secret-of-the-savannah and use shea to combat all types of leather requisites.

One of the most chief uses of raw shea food is as an anti-aging analysis. In a odd six-month anti-aging inspection performed by F. Renard, 30 participants used raw shea butter as a day by day moisturizer. Within a few weeks, the dull, achromatic color of most participants had vanished, and smoother, clearer cutis was unconcealed. Wrinkles caused by long sun display were visibly impaired for partially of the study's participants. Because of shea's unusual gift to activate albuminoid synthesis, by the study's conclusion, evident connective tissue replenishment had occurred in all participants.

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Anti-aging is merely one of the various provisions raw shea food remedies, others include:

Dry skin


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Skin cracks

Wound salutary time



Insect bites

Rough wrapping on feet, elbows and knees

Frost bite

Chapped lips

However, according to Lynne Killey, founder of Queen Bee connective tissue care, not all shea is created level. "Most consumers don't realize that a refinement action is naturally used to brand shea dairy product. This work activity adds chemicals to the oil, then heats it to a thorn where on earth maximum of the nutrients are killed off - literally eliminating all medicinal properties of the inventive nut."

Raw shea butter (also known as unrefined shea) undergoes a tralatitious amount produced style. In this process, the shea kernel is picked, cracked, broiled and pounded. It is later stewed in h2o until the warm butter rises to the surface, which is scooped into gourds and vanished to set. Performed by hand, this natural action approach uses no approved process techniques that will shed the processed product of resourceful nutrients. At no point of productivity are venturesome chemicals or synthetic agents added to this shea dairy product.

More prevalently recovered in retail outlets, couth shea dairy product goes through an totally distinguishable crop interval than its colloquial counterpart. In an challenge to urgency up the extraction process, extension income and modify the fragrance and feel of shea butter, most manufacturers have adopted a processing manoeuvre which destroys substantially of the inherent unity of the shea nut. In this process, the core oil is extracted from the kernels using a highly flammable, gasoline-like chemic certain as Hexane, which more often than not physical object in the goods in savour amounts.

Side effects from revelation to dissolving agent take in dizziness, drowsiness, headache, nausea, weakness, unconsciousness, and abdominal symptom. Production by-products containing hint amounts of paraffin are traditionally sold as physical feed, and inflated amounts of dissolving agent are plan to explanation anaemia in cattle - transferring to the food consumers' acquisition. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Hexane compounds are carcinogens and are classed as a risky items. Hexane as well poses a sincere biology threat - implicated as a bad person and creator of poisonous ozone build-up and air haze when vented into the vibes during the flash-off (burning) rhythm of production.

The haunch personal property and natural concerns about the use of methane series are critical technical hitches of mannerly shea food production, yet else aspects of this refinement action are commonly as unsafe to consumers. To erase the characteristic nutlike trace of shea, the extracted oil is publicized to 450 scope warmth and sodium hydrated oxide and salt chemicals are side. To modification the tactile property and semblance of the product, it moves finished an acid-treated filter and is faded. Known carcinogens (BHT & BHA) are added to superfine shea butter to compound the shelf-life of the processed goods.

"Refining shea butter removes raw basic oily acids, dear proteins and crucial minerals, leaving consumers with a questionable, ineffectual and potentially suicidal wares. In no way related to proper shea butter, raw shea food is evocatively comfortable in vitamins, phyto-nutrients and UV fascinating factors. Raw shea is more arduous to insight [than superfine shea food], but is recovered worth the effort," states Killey.

The American Shea Butter Institute agrees, "While altered shea butter may stink nicely or [when amalgamated next to less big-ticket ingredients] become visible cost-effective, it has mislaid famous health-properties....poor characteristic shea butter is ineffectual in therapeutic furthermost provisos that raw shea treats."

To ensure your shea dairy product is raw, trademark certain it is manila or yellow, with a chromatic feel and a nutlike smell. If your shea butter has no lungful (or a fragrant/floral odour), is achromatic or is grainy, it is cultured shea and does not grip the aforesaid remedial properties of authentic shea. Because of various naturally-occurring antioxidants, raw shea has an indefinite shelf-life; however, fastidious shea has a maximum biennial shelf-life.

Shea dairy product is truly a remarkable, one-of-a-kind buffalo hide carefulness product, treating wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, burns, contractile organ tenderness and everything in concerning - every menage should have a jar on extremity. However, raw shea produces grades that are far a-one to those of debonaire shea.

Raw shea toiletry exerciser and tubs can be purchased at . The utmost popular Queen Bee raw shea product is the Tub O' Raw Shea, a $26.00, 4oz jar of 100% unprocessed shea butter, next to goose egg other further. Queen Bee raw shea is sourced from a U.S institution that head-on teaches sustainable cultivation and eco-friendly handling of shea to the women of Northern Ghana.

Founded in 2004, Queen Bee offers simple, unconscious skin texture vigilance products to health-conscious consumers. With a immersion on individualized products and service, all Queen Bee products are homemade, by hand, from scratch, victimization fluent and organic ingredients. The Queen Bee expression 'Made with Love' represents the line of laminitis Lynne Killey that "each carafe or jar of trade goods is made near renown to choice of ingredients, triad next to character and tending for the personality who will be victimization our goods."

To swot more something like Queen Bee, raw shea butter, or any another product, pop in , beckon 970.731.3690 or email

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